Fall Tryouts Begin 8/20/2018 @ CMR (2nd-5th 5-6:30pm)(6th-H.S. 7-8:30pm) Parent Orientation 8/27/18 (6:15-7:15pm) @CMR


Education Through Athletics, Building Pride, Ethics and a Stronger Community.

A Nonprofit Organization

As a head basketball coach; building a successful team takes leaders who understand the value of ones talents and how to implement them. Helping those on your team become someone they never thought possible is not only priceless, but one of the greatest feelings we can obtain in life. Uniting our skills and networks allows innovative thinking; opening opportunities never thought possible. -David  Reichner


KAO Elite

KAO Club Basketball

KAO Athletics also has several boys youth club basketball teams starting with the 2nd grade. This year-round program provides opportunities for kids of all skill levels and abilities to play basketball and improve their athletics skills. But we do much more than teach kids about basketball.

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